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WOSoMP 2013

Backyard sports are fun again

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next live event!

What is WOSoMP?

Photo: Cornhole Action by Matt Niemi Photo: His favorite sport by Gino Photo: Backyard Football by CaptPiper Photo: 189:365 Goal Post by charamelody

Olympic Competition

The Weekend Olympic Showdown of Massive Proportions is an Olympic-style tournament where athletes compete in faux sports - either completely new games dreamt up by organizers or classic games with a new twist.


Eight Crazy Sports

Each year, the events change. There are some old favorites and some new beasts springing from the minds of organizers all of the time! This year's eight sports require a challenging balance of individual skill and teamwork to succeed.


Friend, Family, Country

At WOSoMP, sign up as a full-fledged athlete or an official fan/supporter. Register for one of our four teams and treat that team like your home country. You'll wear a custom uniform in your team's color and with your name and number on back.


Awards & Beer

Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for each event and trophies are awarded to the top male and female athletes and overall champion team. But, hey! If you don't take home the prize, there's always the included beer!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next live event!

What is WOSoMP?