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What's the deal with this miraculous, hilarious, and exciting Olympic-style event!?

Games & Sports

At its heart, The Weekend Olympic Showdown of Massive Proportions is an Olympic-style competition staged between new and old friends in events known as faux sports. These sports are completely new games imagined by the event organizers or modified versions of classic games with new twists and challenges.

Each WOSoMP olympiad acts as its own stand-alone tournament, in which athletes and their teams compete in individual and team sports in the quest for medals. Typically, an olympiad offers between seven and ten sports to its competitors, spread near-equally between individual skill challenges and team competitions.

Boomshakalaka Ball Players
Athletes take the field for Boomshakalaka Ball at WOSoMP 2007

Your Team is Your Country

Like the Olympics, each athlete represents a home team. When registerring for each WOSoMP event, athletes select or form a team of their choice and recruit friends and family to join them. During the games, they'll wear the colors of their home team as they play throughout the day, and the points each athlete earns affect the outcome of the team championship.

For competition sports, athletes will form smaller groups formed from players on their parent team, so choosing a fun and capable team is an important factor in overall success.

Greg Sydlowski, winner Colin McCloskey, organizer
2007 Best Overall Athlete Greg Sydlowski and event organizer Colin McCloskey

Why Does it Cost Money?

Putting together a WOSoMP Olympiad requires efforts as far ranging as designing new sports and coordinating registration, uniform orders, equipment, and refreshments for dozens of athletes and fans.

WOSoMP is a non-profit event. Registration costs go directly to providing athletes with customized, team-specific uniforms, sporting equipment, awards and medals, and refreshments including water, beer, and food. Past events have operated at a small loss in order to keep fees paid by participants as low as possible.

WOSoMP 2007 Logo

The first WOSoMP event was held in September 2007 in Branchburg, NJ. The tournament offered nine sports, including Xtreme Air Hockey, Homemade Disc Golf, Beotch Ball, Boomshakalaka Ball, and more.

Athletes Harland Westgate, Jess Victor, Tony Bacigalupo, and John Harrold

The Fall 2007 WOSoMP was contested by over 30 athletes representing eight teams. The championship trophy was award to "The Independents," a team composed entirely of walk-up athletes.

Awards and Medals

Athletes and teams compete for medals, which are awarded for performance in every event. Also, trophies are awarded to the Best Overall Athletes, both male and female. Teams are competing, on the efforts of their member athletes, to win the Championship Trophy, awarded to the team with the best overall combined performance during the olympiad.


Stay tuned for the announcement of our next live event!

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